Fortnite – PS4


Fortnite est un prochain jeu de survival vidéo, développé par People Can Fly et Epic Games, qui sera également publier le jeu. Les joueurs doivent rassembler des ressources pour construire et protéger les objectifs, et les vagues commencer quand les tous les joueurs sont d’accord. Ce sera le premier jeu d’Epic à utiliser leur Unreal Engine 4, et ne dispose pas actuellement une date de sortie.
The terrain and the maps of the game are generated randomly, and players are given a variety of weapons such as ranged weapons like shotgun, sniper rifle and melee weapons like katana. The game features four different classes, namely ninja, the outlander, commando, and constructor. Different classes have different abilities. For instance, high wall can only be built by the constructor class, while the ninja class’s melee ability is much better than the other classes. Players can also destroy environmental objects and scenery items to obtain resources. When players obtain a yellow orb, the attack performed by the player will become stronger, and they will gain the ability to collect resources faster. Weapons can also be crafted, and the playable character’s skills can be customized through upgrading and leveling up. Different parts, such as floor, traps, wall and roof, and whether they are made of wood, stone, or metal, are decided by players when they are building a fortified structure. A player versus player mode will also be featured, which will accommodate up to ten different players.

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